We are specialised in the manufacture of insulating and thermal protection products for applications in various industries.

We are a fully integrated company, with expertise that stretches from the mixing of fibres, through carding and spinning to braiding, weaving and the production of finished composite products, such as expansion joints, protective and insulating sleeves, oven insulation, etc.

Our customers are worldwide major accounts among the heating industry, glass and metal transformation, automobile engineering, petro-chemistry, aeronautics, protective cloths...


For more than 40 years, Ferlam Technologies has enjoyed an excellent reputation for the top quality of its products.

A range of quality checks are made every day, both during the production process and at the end of the production line, to make sure to match a high quality standard.


Headquarters and plant
85, Rue Monge - BP 317
59056 Roubaix cedex 1

Sales Admin
Tél: + 33 3 20 65 96 70
Fax: + 33 3 20 65 96 99
email : contact@ferlam.com

Ferlam Compensateurs
Tél: + 33 3 20 65 96 74
Fax: + 33 3 20 65 96 97
email : info@ferlam-compensateurs.com