Conveyor Belts


Our HT glass, para-aramid, stainless steel/aramid, PBO, stainless steel / PBO or pure stainless steel conveyor belts are used in the glass and crystal industries and in the manufacture of CRTs for television sets and also for the automotive headlights

With their special composition and patented weave, our products are highly durable and offer an excellent lifetime. Our products can withstand even the highest temperatures. They leave the products unmarked, prevent thermal shocks and glazing.

Thanks to the excellent quality of our products and to their performance under even the strongest conditions our products are used by major accounts all over the world.

Services Plus:

  • For an easy installation and a perfect join between the belts at our customers' premises, we can staple the belts before shipment
  • Our belts are pre-stretched in our factory to avoid any adjustments once installed at the customer premises.