This activity is exerted since May 2005 within the company Ferlam Compensateurs, located at the same address.

Contacts :info@ferlam-compensateurs.com

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, Ferlam Compensateurs is one of the world's leading manufacturers of expansion joints used in hot gas ducts in industrial applications.


The expansion joints produced by Ferlam Compensateurs include high-performance fabrics and the very latest elastomers and resins for top performance and long-lasting products.



The Ferlam Compensateurs expansion joints offer no resistance to movement, absorb vibrations, reduce noise and eliminate almost all the problems related to corrosion.


More recently, Ferlam Compensateurs introduced a series of metal expansion joints for more demanding applications in terms of pressure and temperature.

Similarly, the company's range of products has been broadened to include moulded elastomer expansion joints for applications demanding a perfect seal at moderate temperatures..

Ferlam Compensateurs offers:

  • a complete range that meets your every need
  • a team of experienced and professional engineers
  • a design office equipped with CAD/CAM
  • an installation team
  • an R&D department
  • broad-based experience
  • a renowned quality of build



  • Co-generation
  • Metallurgy, chemicals, refining
  • Glass making
  • Cement works
  • Desulphurisation
  • Power stations
  • Air conditioning
  • Waste incineration plants